Sunday, October 21, 2012

OxyContin Dependence Reduction Techniques

As a prescription drug, OxyContin is used to address and alleviate back, arthritis, and post-surgical pain. Since its introduction in 1995, OxyContin abuse has escalated drastically, due primarily to its highly addiction nature. Like heroin, OxyContin is an opioid narcotic, providing users with intense feelings of well-being and euphoria.

OxyContin dependence reduction can be difficult, as many medical doctors tend to write prescriptions that exceed the amount required to ensure a comfortable and healthy recovery.

1 – Find yourself a medical detox program. OxyContin withdrawal symptoms can include anything from nausea and insomnia to vomiting, body aches, seizures and convulsions. When left untreated, these symptoms may result in death. A medically monitored detox program provides addicts with medical supervision to help ensure an easier transition into sobriety.

2 – Locate a residential rehabilitation facility. Because of the severity of OxyContin addiction, residential programs may be necessary to help ensure proper support and guidance during the initial recovery stages. These types of programs offer patients a safe and secluded environment to jump-start their recovery, while engaging in family, group, and individual therapy sessions.

3 – Seek out a local outpatient support group for narcotic addicts in recovery. Outpatient groups such as these offer support and social interaction addicts intent on kicking the habit. Participants are provided with the tools necessary to achieve and maintain a long-lasting recovery while helping others to achieve the same.

4 – Ask. Sometimes determination is simply not enough to overcome the weight of addiction. If you are intent on a true and long-term recovery, the first step is reaching out. You are not alone; Help is simply a step towards the freedom you deserve.


  1. Oxy is just a horrible drug and the addiction is inevitable. I hope anyone who is dealing with this, seeks help stat.

  2. It is soo important to help as soon as possible with someone addicted to oxy. The drug is by far one of the most addictive and scary ones out there bc of the dependency

  3. In locating a residential rehabilitation facility, consider affordable rehab centers offering individualized care.