Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Checking A Loved One Into OxyContin Rehab

OxyContin rehab can be a scary consideration when involving a close friend or family member. Though we may not want to recognize the extent of the addiction, fast action is typically always the best route to take. Maintaining the relationship throughout the process of reaching out to the individual is key in helping them acquire the help they deserve.

Step 1 –Allow the addict to fall. Catering to the addiction with serve no one, but rather serves in working against the recovery by preventing the individual from dealing with the direct consequences of their addictive behaviors.

Step 2 – Take an opportunity following an incident involving OxyContin usage to speak up about your concerns. Make sure both you and the individual are of a sober mindset during the discussion, and that you are afforded the ability to speak privately.

Step 3 – Communicate your concerns, and why you believe it time to seek help through an addiction program in Los Angeles. Offer the individual specific examples of how the addiction has negatively affected them and their loved ones as a way to add support to your argument. The goal in this discussion is getting your loved one to admit there is an issue, and that help is required to address is. Addicts are much more apt to seek help if they recognize a problem.

Step 4 – Listen. Though emotions can run high in these types of situations, getting into a heated argument will get you nowhere. Make a commitment to yourself to remain calm and collected during the discussion, while affording the individual in question an opportunity to discuss their feelings.

Step 5 – If your initial discussion does little to change the mindset of the addict, it may be time to consider organizing an intervention. Interventions offer strength in numbers by bringing close friends and family members together in an effort to get the addict into drug addiction detox and rehabilitation.

Step 6 – If the individual is unwilling to accept help, you must offer up consequences. While this can be extremely difficult, it is also very effective. Examples can range from avoidance when the individual is using to cutting off the relationship completely.

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