Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What Is “Rock Bottom”?

Difficult periods come and go throughout the spectrum of life. One minute you’re up… the next you’re down. Sometimes we end up a little further down than anticipated. Sometimes the result is “rock bottom”. 

For some people, hitting this point serves as the wake-up call needed to turn their life around. This far down, the only way out is up. In this entry, we will discuss some common signs of “rock bottom” to help promote a safe and stealthy recovery.

1 – Loss of employment. With most Americans living paycheck to paycheck, losing a job often means a loss of the necessities required for survival, ie. shelter, clothing and food!

2 – Loss of friends and family. After a long enough period, you may begin finding yourself alienated from friends and family members. Your loved ones may find it difficult watching someone self-destruct and pull away to the hurt.

3 – Loss of property. The repossession of furniture items, a vehicle or home can be a sobering experience indeed. Some addicts may even steal or pawn items to get by each month.

4 – Loss of confidence. The events leading up to “rock bottom” can often take a toll on the individual’s physical, mental and emotional health. Common symptoms include stress, depression, insomnia and anxiety. Such afflictions can immobilize a person, making it difficult to complete routine tasks, such as eating, leaving bed, basic hygiene upkeep, etc.

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Do I Have A Prescription Addiction?

Prescription drug abuse is not uncommon. What begins as a physician prescribed pain management solution may quickly lead to a full-blown addiction, impacting relationships, employment, finances and health. In this entry, we will provide you with a few tips to help recognize a prescription pill addiction.

1 – It is important to understand that this type of addiction is not limited to any one type of pill. In fact, recent studies have uncovered that many OTC medications can also lead to addictive problems. When it comes to abuse and dependency, no pill or substance should be underestimated.

2 – One of the main ways to determine a prescription drug addiction is a growing tolerance for the substance they are taking. When a users begins to develop a tolerance, they must use more of the substance in question to achieve the desired effect.

3 – Prescription drug addicts will often exhibit from poor performance at school and/or work. A once well organized individual may begin losing the ability to perform at the same level.

4 – Interest levels in activities or hobbies once held dear may begin to wane. Individuals who once interacted with others on a regular basis may alienate themselves and become withdrawn.

5 – Prolonged drug addiction may ultimately begin to impact healthy legal and relationship statuses.

6 – Wild mood swings. Not just a bad day…

7 – Financial troubles are common in those who are drug dependent… Whether due to habit support or general irresponsibility.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Living With An Addictive Personality

Once viewed as a psychological disorder of gluttony and excess, addiction has come to light as a physiological disease rooted deep in the brain chemistry and wiring. Though there is no cure for addiction, a number of therapies and treatments have proven effective in addressing addictive behaviors and compulsions. However, it is important to educate oneself regarding the complexity and difficulty of these behaviors before treatment can offer any hope of success.

1 – Self-awareness is key to combating an addictive personality. Keeping in tune with behaviors actions and reactions will create a base from which to create a healthy, happy, and sober lifestyle. Understanding which triggers – chemical, emotional, psychical - to look for and avoid will help ensure consistency, while keeping temptation at arms length.

2 – Communication is yet another ally in the fight towards recovery. Addicts must face a lifelong struggle in addressing negative compulsions, and as with any battle, one should not fight alone. Family, friends and significant others should be kept in the loop and made aware of the situation to ensure the best interests of the addict are promoted and upheld. The more people you have on your team, the better chance of success.

3 – Because addition is a lifelong affliction, perseverance is essential to success. Bouts of sadness and difficulty are all but certain, but the understanding that these times are temporary is paramount to a continued recovery.

You may trip. You may fall. So long as you pick yourself up, you will not fail. 

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