Friday, April 19, 2013

Do I Have A Prescription Addiction?

Prescription drug abuse is not uncommon. What begins as a physician prescribed pain management solution may quickly lead to a full-blown addiction, impacting relationships, employment, finances and health. In this entry, we will provide you with a few tips to help recognize a prescription pill addiction.

1 – It is important to understand that this type of addiction is not limited to any one type of pill. In fact, recent studies have uncovered that many OTC medications can also lead to addictive problems. When it comes to abuse and dependency, no pill or substance should be underestimated.

2 – One of the main ways to determine a prescription drug addiction is a growing tolerance for the substance they are taking. When a users begins to develop a tolerance, they must use more of the substance in question to achieve the desired effect.

3 – Prescription drug addicts will often exhibit from poor performance at school and/or work. A once well organized individual may begin losing the ability to perform at the same level.

4 – Interest levels in activities or hobbies once held dear may begin to wane. Individuals who once interacted with others on a regular basis may alienate themselves and become withdrawn.

5 – Prolonged drug addiction may ultimately begin to impact healthy legal and relationship statuses.

6 – Wild mood swings. Not just a bad day…

7 – Financial troubles are common in those who are drug dependent… Whether due to habit support or general irresponsibility.

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  1. I had to take a oxy pill after one of my surgeries i didn't realize how addictive those things were. I took myself off of it and decided to deal with the pain. Great informative post!

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