Monday, April 9, 2012

Does My Teen Need Oxycontin Rehab?

If you suspect your teen is suffering from an addiction to prescription drugs, Oxycontin rehab may be an option worth pursuing. One the most commonly abused prescription medications, Oxycontin is easily accessed, extremely powerful and potentially fatal. Whether you are seeking a better understanding on prevention techniques or information on available treatment options, this entry will seek to serve your needs.

Studies show teens more apt to experiment with prescription medications when parents are using them. Whether to alleviate school stresses, peer pressures or the pain of a failed relationship, the accessibility of these drugs presents many with a cheap, easy and presumably “acceptable” way to get high. Teens who continue abusing prescription medications will eventually find themselves addicted to the substance, and ultimately require drug addiction detox to counter the physical dependency.


Think your teen may have an issue? The following is a list of potential signs to watch for:

-          A sudden drop in GPA
-          Erratic mood swings
-          Possible criminal activities – Stealing, pick pocketing
-          Unexcused school absences
-          Charges to online pharmacy sites

Though many teens exhibit mood swings and odd behaviors during adolescence, it’s never a bad idea to discuss your concerns with your teen. By creating an open dialog on the topic, you may be able to prevent future experimentation down the road. 

Oxycontin Side Effects

-          Nodding off
-          Agitation
-          Anxiety
-          Small pupils
-          Upset stomach
-          Depression
-          Itchiness
-          Feeling cold in warm conditions
-          Cramps

Treatment Options

If your teen is suffering from an oxycontin addiction, an addiction program in Los Angeles may be an option worth pursuing. Here, a team of seasoned addiction specialists will be able to properly assess and address the addiction, while providing your teen with the tools and education they need to lead the sober, productive, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle they deserve.


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