Wednesday, October 10, 2012

OxyContin Addiction – What Are The Signs?

OxyContin is a popular painkiller used to address an array of conditions, including lower back pain, arthritis, dislocations, and pain caused by cancer. The main ingredient found in OxyContin is oxycodone, a potent, and potentially dangerous opioid.

Oxycodone addiction in the U.S. stems back over 30 years, with more than 3.5 million citizens age 12 and over reporting regular use. With this statistic on a seemingly perpetual incline, the dependency risks only continue to grow.


If you or someone you know are currently using OxyContin, it serves your best interests to understand the symptoms and signs associated with a developing addiction. In assessing these signs, it should be noted that opiate addiction is not a picky mistress; meaning that anyone can become an addict.

Common Signs & Symptoms:

-Abdominal Pain
-Loss of Appetite
-Muscle & Joint Pain

As a general rule, the longer an individual is addicted to OxyContin, the more apparent these signs are likely to become. In many cases, OxyContin addicts begin using the drug in an effort to counter legitimate pain. The addiction, unfortunately, can be a surprise side-effect.

Recognizing The Signs

Acknowledging an OxyContin addiction is the initial and most important step one can take on the road to recovery. Individuals who have become addiction through legitimate prescriptions will often find it more difficult to admit there is a problem. Once acceptance does take place, the addiction has often escalated to a point where the individual is unable kick the habit alone. In these situations, medical detox and therapy are commonly utilized to help the individual regain sobriety. 

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  1. Horrible effects - just don't understand why anyone would want to put their body or mind through that?!