Thursday, October 25, 2012

OxyContin Addiction & Women

OxyContin addiction can be extremely harmful for females, especially those who believe they are aware of the substance abuse risks. There are a great number of ways that women find themselves addicted to prescription medications. Some take these drugs following surgery or an injury. Others begin popping pills as a way to supplement an existing addiction. Still others will use medications in a casual manner at the insistence of a loved one or close friend. While OxyContin is only legal when prescribed by a certified physician, many users find ways to score it without physician approval.

Many women dealing with an addiction to OxyContin may not even realize they have an issue. Though use frequency may be heightened, users often find it difficult to come to terms with why they are actually using the drug. OxyContin, as with many other types of drugs, can cause users to engage in activities and exhibit behaviors that would normally be deemed inappropriate.

Unfortunately, addiction to OxyContin is quickly becoming the drug of choice for women suffering from substance abuse in addition to those seeking to take their own life. A 2011 study suggests a 210% suicide attempt increase in women by way of OxyContin overdose.

Pregnant women dealing with OxyContin addiction impose a variety of risks on their children en utero. Pregnancy often works to affect habits and lifestyles, with many women seeking help following a positive testing.

If you or a women you care for is suffering from an OxyContin addiction, out Above It All treatment specialists are available to help. Give us a call, 24/7, and let us help you back on track towards the happy, productive, and healthy lifestyle you deserve.


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  2. Oxy is such a damaging, horrible drug. People stay away!