Friday, March 16, 2012

Prescription Drug Treatment Considerations & Facts

Studies show more and more individuals seeking prescription drug treatment to address pain killer addiction. Some people are placed on these types of drugs following a painful injury, while others purchase through street dealers. If taken for long enough periods, these substances can become extremely addictive and harmful to both the individual and those around them. Below, we will outline a few key points to consider when considering recovery from a prescription medication addiction.

Step 1 – Pain killer addiction is extremely common in the U.S., posing a threat to people in all walks of life. Before an individual can receive help for their addiction, they must first admit that there is an issue that requires professional help. Someone who is not interested in receiving help will not respond to the treatment being provided.

Step 2 – If friends and family members are involved in the recovery, an intervention plan must be put in place. Once the addict feels ready to accept help for their dependency, a discussion with a professional drug counselor will better prepare them for the road ahead.

Step 3 – Most professionals agree that inpatient oxycontin rehab is the most effective means in achieving long-lasting sobriety. In this way, the individual is afforded the opportunity to detox and reassess life choices in an environment that is both controlled and positive without excessive exterior influence.

Step 4 – Once in treatment, addicts are introduced to facility philosophies and programs, including group and individual therapy. The addiction is analyzed, assessed and treated along with factors that may have negatively contributed to the individual’s abuse, such as a childhood trauma or recent death in the family.

Step 5 – Following treatment, addicts are encouraged to attend after-care groups, such as NA to help them keep on a sober track in the outside world. 

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  1. I wish my cousin was able to give this a try, but they got to him. He passed away going on 5 years now ... seriously missed...