Thursday, March 8, 2012

Prescription Drug Treatment Basics

The recent deaths of Hollywood celebrities, popular TV, and media coverage have placed prescription drug treatment in the limelight of American consciousness. Studies show prescription drug abuse to be growing rapidly, outshining even marijuana in recreational usage. Recovery from this type of addiction is never easy, in many cases requiring the aid and supervision of qualified addiction specialists.

Pain Relievers

Of all the prescription medications available today, pain relievers are abused most often. These medications are potent narcotics, and can be extremely addictive. Addiction to these substances is found more commonly among the elderly, with a recent study showing individuals 60 and over with a 17% addiction rate.


Treatment is available to those seeking recovery from prescription drug addiction. Help may come in the form of long-term residential substance abuse rehabilitation or outpatient care, depending on what’s best for the patient.

The withdrawal process from these types of medications can often be hazardous to a patient’s health. As such, it is not uncommon for physicians to recommend patients enter a medically monitored detoxification program prior to rehab to ensure a safe and comfortable transition into recovery.

In addition to detox, individual counseling and psychotherapy is employed to help patients come to terms with emotions that come forth during withdrawal. Counseling serves the patient by providing them with a better understanding as to why they became dependent in the first place. Once inpatient treatment is complete, many patients use outpatient group therapy as a way to continue their recovery outside of the treatment facility, while easing their transition back to a sober and happy lifestyle. 


  1. I still can't fathom how prescription drugs just take over lives like they do. I hope that those in need are finding the help that is necessary

  2. It's sad that something that is suppose to help us is killing us! I know thats a bold statement but why is it that celebrities are over dosing on pills that should be leveling them out (depression/anxiety). It really makes you sit back and look at your own life and say THANK YOU for not being strong willed to want to live.