Thursday, March 22, 2012

Do I Need Prescription Drug Treatment?

Prescription drug treatment is gaining momentum as individuals across the U.S. continue to develop pain killer addictions. In certain instances, people are placed on these medications following an injury or surgery, ultimately leading to a dependency following extended periods of use. In this entry, we will help you identify some common signs associated with prescription drug addiction.

Chronic Pain

Those addicted to prescription medications often cite chronic pain as a reason for their abuse. Many addicts also use this complaint as a means to obtain additional prescriptions from physicians.

Doctor Shopping

Addicts swap pharmacies and doctors on a regular basic to conceal their addictions. Some visit multiple physicians in an attempt to obtain additional prescriptions. In this way, the addict is able to fly under the radar, ultimately escalating the addiction to new heights over time.

False Ailments

Addicts often fake physical and psychological disorders in order to feed their addictions.

Medication Fixation

Though a physician may prescribe alternative treatments to medication, addicts may appear uninterested in attempting these recommendations. Example: An otherwise healthy patient will likely attend a lab testing or X-ray appointment in hopes of finding a solution for their pain; An addict may choose to avoid these commitments on purpose.


Many prescription drug addicts steal leftover prescriptions from friends and family members. Others lift prescription pads from doctor’s offices to forge future prescriptions. Individuals who ask others for leftover medications are often in the grips of addiction.


If you or someone you know is suffering from a prescription drug addiction, your best option is to locate a specialized substance abuse rehabilitation facility to help address the issue. Search online or in your local Yellow Pages, and call each facility up to learn about it’s specified philosophies and treatments. With a little time and effort, you’ll be able to locate a facility to accommodate your needs and goals on the road to recovery. 

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  1. My mother is a physic doctor and she would explain to me that she constantly has people coming in and wanting more prescriptions and or if they are on something else asking for some thing stronger quite often. Prescription drugs are a scary thing to get involved with that's for sure.