Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Signs And Symptoms Of Addiction

Signs of substance abuse and addiction may vary according to the addiction at hand. In order to determine the presence of addiction, one must know what to look for.

Signs And Symptoms Of Addiction

    Signs and symptoms of addiction
  • A change in appetite is often one of the first symptoms associated with substance abuse or addiction. A noticeable increase or decrease in appetite may serve as a red flag for concerned friends and loved ones.

  • Another symptom associated with addiction is a withdrawal from friends and relatives. You may notice the individual associating with a new group of peers. Other addicts will alienate themselves completely.

  • Excessive and abnormal amounts of alone time in the bathroom or bedroom in addition to unexplained school or employment absences may prove as yet another warning sign. Take note of any aggression or defensiveness when the individual is confronted about these behaviors. 

  • Wild mood swings, irritability and irrational behavior may indicate an issue with drugs or alcohol. Other behavioral and personality changes may include: stealing, lying, sneakiness, lack of concentration and focus, unexplained euphoria, violence and paranoia.

  • Smells and clothing may be indicative of a substance abuse issue. Alcoholics will often attempt to cover the smell with mouth wash, mints and gum.

  • Drug addicts who use needles to inject the substance will generally adorn garments with long sleeves to hide track marks and other red flags.

  • Not every symptom will be easily spotted. Fortunately, addiction is not easily hidden. Keep your eyes and mind open.

Need Addiction Treatment  Help?

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