Monday, November 18, 2013

Can Drinking Lead To Prostate Cancer?

Prostate cancer is a condition that generally occurs only in men ages 55 and over. A number of factors have been found to increase the risk of development, including exposure to various chemicals and genetics. In recent years, new evidence has been brought to light – that heavy drinking may play a role as well.

Even Light Drinking Increases Prostate Cancer Risk

Can Drinking Lead To Prostate Cancer | Alcohol And Cancer Risk
Males who use alcohol have been found to increase their risk of developing various cancer types. Studies show the risk to be present even in cases where an individual does not drink enough to become drunk. Those who use alcohol - even just a little – over a prolonged period still stand at risk.

How Does Alcohol Increases Cancer Risk?

There are a variety of theories surrounding the correlation between alcohol use and cancer. Some experts believe that alcohol is converted into a toxic chemical by the body. This chemical is to blame for the discomfort experienced during the common hangover. The chemical can also prevent cell repair and damage DNA in the user. Drinking may also cause decreased folate amounts, while increasing various hormone levels. Each of these factors have been shown to increase cancer risks.

How Much Does Prostate Cancer Likelihood Increase For Drinkers?

Scientists have recently found a specific link between prostate cancer risks and alcohol use. A study performed by Australian and North American scientists appears to indicate that men who drink just two alcoholic beverages per day increase their risk for prostate cancer by 20%. The study also indicated heightened risks with increased consumption.

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