Wednesday, July 24, 2013

OxyContin – What You Don’t Know Might Kill You…

OxyContin is a substance plagued by myth, rumor and lore. What follows below are some of the more common OxyContin myths, and the facts behind them. 

Myth: OxyContin is not addictive.

Fact: Though manufactured by a legitimate pharmaceutical corporation, OxyContin is extremely addictive. OxyContin is riddled with opiates – a highly addictive class of drugs found in a variety of prescription painkillers and street drugs, including heroin. 

Myth: Injecting or snorting OxyContin isn’t any worse than ingesting it orally.

Fact: Users who inject or snort OxyContin are much more likely to overdose than those who take it orally. OxyContin was initially designed as a time-release substance. When used as directed, intended and orally, it offers relief over a period of hours to combat excessive pain. Users who crush and snort or inject OxyContin experience a full release, resulting in an effect that is unmanageable for many; often times overdose or even death.

Myth: OxyContin is illegal in the U.S.

Fact: OxyContin is often prescribed by physicians to those suffering from extreme chronic pain due to injury or illness. Legality comes into question when physician signatures are forged, prescriptions are stolen and medicine cabinets are raided in an effort to obtain the pills illegally.

Myth: OxyContin withdrawal is no big deal.

Fact: OxyContin withdrawal is as severe as any opiate. Common symptoms of OxyContin withdrawal include:
-          Anxiety
-          Depression
-          Body aches
-          Nausea
-          Suicidal thoughts

For many users, the most serious OxyContin withdrawal symptom lies in relapse. More recovering OxyContin addicts fall off the wagon than any other addict type.

Myth: There is no hope for me.

Fact: Quite the contrary! If you’re seeking drug abuse help, the addiction specialists at Above it All treatment center are available to take your call. Pick up the phone today, and let our team of counselors help you back on track towards the healthy, happy lifestyle you’ve been missing. 

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