Monday, June 24, 2013

Drug Use & The Celebrity Effect

In a culture obsessed with celebrity, it seems only natural to discuss the effect of Hollywood drug abuse on our nation’s populous. From tabloid magazines to the evening news, salacious tales of partying, excess and dependency only fuel our ever-growing infatuation with the “elite” population class gracing the world stage. 

For many people, celebrities make easier companions than neighbors and friends. Their personal lives on display, many gravitate towards these individuals out of empathy and self-identification. Their fame and stories offer escape from a world perhaps plagued in routine - We discuss their downfalls and triumphs as we might a relative’s – We are proud, disappointed, engaged and consumed.

As a society, we tend to emulate those in the limelight. Unfortunately, some of us have a difficult time separating the fantasy from reality. “Why can’t I be desirable, talented, beautiful and rich, whilst nurturing a mild to moderate prescription drug habit? Seems to work for actor/singer/producer/director Jane Doe Esq., III – Why not me?!”

The issue here is not celebrity, so much as how we consume and digest it. Not every action, outfit and hairstyle need be analyzed, adored and replicated. As humans, we are afforded the ability and right to make ourselves. Though imitation certainly serves as a guide towards many positive paths and experiences (drive, perseverance, accomplishment), it is imperative that we distinguish and learn from celebrity indiscretions rather than absorb as commodity.

If we must emulate our celebrities, we must also acknowledge the fact that drug and alcohol abuse within celebrity culture offers little hope of long-term happiness. By altering the mindset from “glorify” to “study”, we can hope to learn from the trials and tribulations of these individuals rather than repeat them.

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