Friday, May 31, 2013

Effects of Parental Drug Abuse on Kids & Teens

Families work to guide children in social roles and etiquette. When a parent who is supposed to nurture a family becomes emotionally and physically removed, the children are affected in a variety of behavioral, emotional and social ways. In this entry, we will discuss the effects of parental drug abuse on children and teens. 


The effects of addiction and drug use can begin in the womb. Prenatal exposure to drugs is often associated with an array of developmental disorders, miscarriage, infant death, learning disabilities, premature birth, and a number of psychological and metal issues in the effected child.


Drug abuse in parents serves to hinder growth in effected children. Disruptive attitudes, low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and behavioral problems are all quite common. Traumatic incidents caused by addicted parents may lead to emotional, social and behavioral development issues. Children may begin alienating themselves from both peers and parents, causing difficulties in social situations later in life.


Parents must set a good example for their children in regard to drug and alcohol abuse. Addicted parents often fail to provide proper nurturing to their children due to excess stress, family conflicts and a lack of guidance.

As with any relationship, communication between parent and child is vital to reciprocal respect and understanding between both parties. Many kids and teens experience difficulty maintaining honest and transparent relationships with addicted parents, causing only heartache and resentment in later life.


Kids with addicted parents often lose academic motivation. Grades may plummet, behaviors may tank, and the trouble may loom. A lack of guidance and/or involvement from the parents can result in psychological issues affecting academic performance.

Confusion and insecurity are also common in children with addicted parents. Many feel threatened or frightened by the behaviors exemplified by those who should be setting the example. As such, many children end up working well below their potential.

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  1. My friend had parents that were alcoholics and she took the same path till I helped her get into a rehab. It's sad how much that gets to the child at such a young age!

  2. I have to agree with this article 100%! It's sad that parents continue a drug/alcohol habit when they have kids!