Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Paying For Your Recovery – Tips & Tricks

When the casual drink turns into a more serious issue, intervention and treatment options may be required. Unfortunately, many alcoholics do no possess the necessary funds to obtain the help they require. Proper budgeting and debt avoidance are crucial when considering rehab payment options to reduce financial burdens following recovery.

1 – Choose and contact Above It All treatment center to learn more about our financing options and total cost of treatment. Take notes during the conversation for reference purposes.

2 – Contact your insurance provider (if you have one) to determine whether they offer coverage for alcohol rehab. If they do, be sure to inquire as to what your out-of-pocket expense and co-payments might be. Jot down your findings in your log.

3 – Assess precisely how much expendable cash you have available in your savings and checking accounts. Subtract the cost of treatment from your total amount to determine the difference.

4 – If you are lacking insurance coverage, you can still apply for public assistance to help cover the expenses associated with your recovery. Eligibility is restricted in some areas, so it’s important to double-check your area requirements.

5 – Like most of us, you probably have a bunch of material possessions around the house serving little-to-no purpose. Rummage through your closets, garage and spare bedrooms, and make a list of items you can sell to raise some extra funds.

6 – If you currently have a job, begin requesting overtime to earn extra income.

7 – Luxuries are expendable. If you’re truly serious about your recovery, you can go without A&E’s Intervention marathon and fast food. This is your life. Invest wisely.

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