Thursday, January 10, 2013

Teens On Drugs – What To Look For

If you suspect your teen is experimenting with drugs, you may be wondering which substances they are using and how access was obtained. The symptoms associated with drug use are many; ranging from slowed reactions to hallucinations or mood swings. Determining the type of drug and its use level will help in determining how best to address the situation.

Most Common

The most common substances obtained by teenagers are typically marijuana, prescription drugs and alcohol. Additional drugs, such as inhalants may easily be purchased from the neighborhood drug store. Perhaps the most dangerous of the substances listed above are prescription painkillers – often found at home, in medicine cabinets. These drugs are commonly prescribed to patients to address anxiety and pain issues, while later falling into the hands of curious teens.

Abuse Signs

As stated above, the symptoms associated with drug use typically depend on the type of substance being used. Teens using marijuana will often exhibit slower reaction times, red eyes. Teens who abuse painkillers may experience changes in personality or slurred speech. Hallucinogens such as mushrooms or LSD cause users to experience hallucinations. Cocaine and crystal meth use will commonly result in an inhibited appetite, rapid speech patterns and random bouts of sleepiness. Opiate use is commonly associated with “nodding off”; or falling asleep mid-sentence.

Addiction vs. Experimentation

The occasional user must be dealt with differently that the full-blown addict. Some teens may only smoke pot or drink at house parties, or experiment a few times before realizing it’s just not their thing. Once use habits become more consistent, teens run the risk of becoming addicted.

Treatment Options

12 step recovery programs for addicted teens are readily available. If you suspect your teen of a drug or alcohol addiction, our team Above It All team of addiction counselors is ready and able to help. Give us a call today, and let us help your kid back on track towards the healthy, happy and productive lifestyle they deserve.


  1. Today it seems that finding a teen on a drugs is more common than finding one that isn't. It's really sad how teens are finding them and using them to cope with issues such as a breakup.