Monday, September 17, 2012

Back Pain and Addiction

A great number of Americans fall into addiction each year, without even realizing they are headed down that path.

Back pain, is one of the most common triggers that get people addicted to oxycontin. Back pain can torment for those who suffer with bulged discs or herniated discs. When that kind of pain strikes, sufferers are not likely to be concentrating on whether or not they may become addicted to the painkillers -- they just want the pain killed.

This is what makes oxycontin so dangerous, is that it is one of the only drugs suitable to treat severe ongoing back pain, but is highly addictive when used in an ongoing fashion.

The best treatment for spinal pain, is not with drugs, but through laser spine surgery. Surgery can help and reset the spine to its normal, pain-free functions without the serious risk of addiction to pain medications.

Institutions, such as Deuk Spine, are working on new ways to make the surgery option more readily-available to and affordable for the general public. With addiction to prescription painkillers rising exponentially, physicians -- as a whole -- are beginning to work on ways to completely alleviate the pain that draws in the addicts, instead of just keeping them medicated for long periods of time.

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