Friday, July 27, 2012

How Did Your OxyContin Addiction Start ?

Your addiction to OxyContin may have started with pain from an injury or a chronic condition. When you went to your doctor’s office for help, and you were provided with a prescription for the drug, you were likely told how the drug was to be used. Perhaps you followed those instructions to the letter for a short period of time, but one day, you chose to bend the rules a bit and you took a higher dose than was recommended or you combined the drug with alcohol or another medication, trying to increase the sensation of euphoria. This is one pathway to addiction that many people follow.

Your addiction to OxyContin may have started in a completely different fashion, and if so, you’re not alone. According to a recent study, 78 percent of people who admitted to OxyContin use also admitted that they’d never been given a prescription for the drug. They may have received the drug by: purchasing it from a dealer, stealing it from relatives, receiving the drug as a gift from friends or relatives or buying it online
Using OxyContin without a prescription is illegal, and it’s also considered drug abuse. The medication is designed to treat pain, so using it for any other purpose is troublesome. If you’re using the drug to get high or for recreation, it’s time to stop and think hard about your actions and what you might need to do to stop. As you’ll see, experimenting with the drug can lead to abuse and addiction.

If you are using OxyContin to the point that you cannot stop, let us help.  At Above It All Treatment Center, we will set you up with a one on one personalized program to lead the way to a drug free life.  Contact us today to discuss your treatment options.


  1. My nephew struggled with oxycontin abuse. I'm glad we got him help and got him clean. Thank you for your help Above it All!

  2. Thank you for the information. Oxycontin and other medical drugs do have safe application, and are useful in many circumstances. We just need to assure that people use them in the right way. An Oxycontin detox is a great way to have a safe and healthy removal of those drugs that maybe were not consumed in the right way. Thanks again for the article.

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