Monday, May 7, 2012

Hardest Drugs to Kick

Found this list on The Fix of the hardest drugs to kick....
Not shocking that Heroin is #1 on the list... knowing some of the symptoms and reactions that these drugs costs don't seem worth it to me... I will never understand it.

1) Heroin
2) Crack Cocaine
3) Nicotine
4) Methadone
5) Crystal Meth
6) Alcohol
7) Cocaine
8) Amphetamines
9) Benzodiazepines
10) GHB


  1. Definitely a scary list of drugs...

  2. wow that is crazy! i honestly can say i have only done alcohol from this list :)

  3. Smoking is not added in the list and photo is available, seems ironical!! anyways, the list is scary am agree with Star Padilla!! Thanks