Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OxyContin Rehab – Recognizing The Problem

Addicts in need of Oxycontin rehab may require a little help recognizing their addiction. When an individual is in a large amount of pain, prescription medications are an easy way to regain temporary function. Unfortunately, long-term use of these substances rarely solves anything, resulting only in a vicious dependency cycle. Due to the fact that these pain-killers are both mentally and physically addictive, those who gain a dependency will do most anything to maintain a steady intake. If you believe yourself or someone you know to be an Oxycontin addict, the following steps can be used to identify the issue.

Step 1 – Be honest. Though it’s certainly much easier to brush the issue aside, procrastination and ego-trips will get you nowhere. If you believe yourself to have a dependency issue, chances are, you probably do.

Step 2 – Does it annoy you when friends and family members bring up your Oxycontin use? In most every case of addiction, defensiveness is a fairly clear sign that you may have an issue.

Step 3 – Do you find yourself feeling guilty about your pain current pain killer use? Guilt is one of the many signs that you are likely already immersed or headed toward an addiction.

Step 4 – Determine whether you commonly use Oxycontin at a higher dose than recommended. Do you need them to get to sleep or to perk up in the morning? Perhaps before an important business meeting or a family function? Self-medicating at higher doses than prescribed signals an evolving tolerance, which can many times lead to dependency.

Step 5 – If you are still having doubts, you may want to get in touch with a Oxycontin rehab treatment specialist. Depending on how far along your addiction is, there are a number of things that can be done to help you correct the issue at hand. If it is determined that an unhealthy dependency is apparent, you may want to consider researching local treatment for Oxycontin addicts to help you through the recovery process.


  1. I hear about soo many people getting addicted to this evil drug and it literally taking over lives. I'm still unsure why doctors can't find an alternative or see that they are contributing to the issue when they prescribe this drug or even up the dosage.

  2. just watching that video gives me chills, its sad that people have to take these drugs cause they have serious pain... however then get addicted :(